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Thursday, August 17, 2006

List of Mouse Games

Mouse games force you to move your cursor through a variety of obstacles without touching them. the obstacles may be moving, and you may be timed.
  • Escapa! - Click and drag the red box, avoid the blue boxes.
  • Mouse1.0 - Escape to windows. Artistic levels, sometimes counterintuitive solutions.
  • cursor_eat.swf- A little man tries to catch your cursor. Failing that, he fires missles and bombs.
  • Mouse Game - Comlex and hard, a classic from armor games.
  • Avoision XP Pro - Very hard.
  • Scrape - Stay in the grey. Oddly shaped boxes float around, oddly.
  • cirring.swf - Like playing Dance Dance revolution, with a mouse.
Any others?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

What happen?

A loop is a piece of a computer program that is executed repeatedly. If a particular loop does most of the work in a program, it may be called the main loop. If the program is a game, the part that continuously makes the gameplay happen is called the game loop.

I started Game Loop to so that people can see that programming isn't magic. A normal person with a normal computer can put together a fun game.
For all the addictive qualities of computer games, making your own is an excellent investment of time. Game Loop below the fold is about how to make your own video game, from how to start programming to tips on art and story.

And of course, a daily dose of free web games.